Thursday, July 07, 2005

Deep thoughts from a mom

The terrorist attack this morning drew me back to the morning of 9/11.
I was pregnant with the boys and confined to bed. The TV was my companion and the constant news haunted me. I would turn it off, only to turn it back on 5 minutes later, hoping against hope that it was a bad dream.
My heart goes out to those in London.

I got to thinking though. How can we fight terrorism?
I have no answers, but I have a lot of questions.

1. Who are we fighting?
Extremists? Religion? Evil? Ourselves?

2. How do we fight this war?
Are we fighting the same war? Can we win with our current tactics? Should we fight in the same manner as the terrorists?

3. Can we win?
How will we know when the fight is over?
Do we have what it takes to win? Are we diligent enough? Patient enough? Or, are the terrorists more resolved in their ideology?

4. How can we work with our Allies when we can't work with one another (in the US)? How can we boost up another nation, when we can't boost up ourselves? How can we find agreement in the world, when our nation finds agreement on nothing?
We have the extreme R screaming at the extreme L, and vice versa. We have politicians playing semantics on the senate floor instead of doing their job. We have 24/7 news channels portraying every negative thing under the sun.

5. Can the Middle East handle our idea of democracy? Maybe. Maybe not.
We have been working on democracy for 200+ years and we still don't have everything settled.
Compared to what Iraq had before, the freedom they are experiencing right now can be the open line that region so desperately needs. Once they get stronger, a person will say, "Hey. That makes more sense than strapping this bomb on my body. Let me try their way."

6. What about our children? Our grandchildren?
What kind of world are they going to experience if things don't change? Do we want them living like the people on the Gaza Strip? Fearful to go shopping? Driving down roads nicknamed "Blood Alley?"
None of us want that for our babies. We have the chance to prevent it. We have to work together. We have to be more patient. We need to let our well trained military get the job done. Unless we are on the fields, shoulder to shoulder with them, we need to stay out of the way.

There was a commander in the former USSR that stated "they would get to the US through the people. They would turn the Americans against one another. We would crumble from the inside, out." The USSR is no longer here, but did their ideology stick around? Are we seeing it come into play?
It pains me to say it...but I think so.

I have faith. We can turn things around. Will we?
As a mother, I pray that we do.


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