Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fun times in the neighborhood

What do you get when you cross VBS (Vacation Bible School), 12 watermelon, 105 kids, stormy weather, stitches and a traveling husband?

One very weary woman named Kim.

Jeff is down in Florida until tomorrow afternoon. We started VBS yesterday morning. All of our kids are involved. I was looking forward to the 2-1/2 hours each morning for some quiet time. However, this morning I stayed to help with snacks for 105 kids. I ended up cutting 12 watermelon and filling 6 super duper coolers with water/ice. It was fun watching the kids have a good time in Jesus' name.

The kids and I spend the rest of the afternoon inside because of the horrendous heat. We cleaned up the bedrooms and watched a movie. We had dinner and while cleaning up the dishes, I dropped a glass in the sink. It took a huge slice of my right pinky with it. I knew without looking that I needed stitches. Great.

I get all of the kids back into the van. The younger ones are flipping out because I am bleeding and hurt. The sky is looking pretty ugly at this point, which upsets Gracie even more. We get to Urgent Care and wait. Finally, we get into the exam room where it is decided that yes, I need stitches (5).
I also need a tetanus shot. ::groan:: The nurse numbed my finger, which hurt more than moderate labor. Good grief almighty...I came up off the bed a little bit.

We leave the building to a lit up sky, rumbling thunder and one flipped out Gracie. She hates storms with a passion I have never seen. We finally get home and find out that we are in for a rough night. There is a big band of storms rolling through, complete with wind and hail. The emergency broadcast screamed across the TV and there was a tornado sighting in 2 counties over. Great.
I made sure everything is stocked in our downstairs bathroom and get the kids busy on a project.

I always miss Jeff when he travels, but right now? I *really* miss him.


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