Sunday, July 03, 2005

Taking the back roads

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We went for a long drive, complete with snack foods, loud music and camera. Unfortunately, I forgot new batteries, so the camera was of little use.

We hopped on one of the many state roads. We ended up in Shipshewana after about an hour. Such a gorgeous area! A postcard haven. You can read about Shipshewana here
(click)~~~~> - The Heart of Northern Indiana Amish Country

We also visited many of the shops, including a meat/cheese market, old fashioned toy shop and several yummy chocolate places.

In our area, we have a large Amish order, but it isn't as touristy as Shipshewana. I enjoy driving through the dirt roads, watching them plow the fields, tend to their massive gardens, care for their beautiful farm houses and enjoy family/friends.
There are a few small shops hidden here and there, and I have been blessed to meet several Amish and Mennonite women that enjoy conversation.
With their guidance, my small garden this year is thriving! You should seem our enormous tomato plants. Happy happy.

We are heading out to the lake for a picnic this afternoon. I made BLT's with fresh peppered bacon from Shipshe. This is the thick cut, all organic meat that puts the beauty in being a carnivore. ::Smirk::

Have a fun filled day! Blessings to all.


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