Sunday, August 21, 2005

Long time, no chat

My days are running together ever since we got back from New York. I cannot believe we are facing the end of August already! In the next couple weeks, we will be back to lessons, starting co-op, swim team, ballet and so forth. I'm tired already.

Jeff is playing catch up at work (still) and had another doctor appt with a vein doctor. Long story short, this doctor does not think the other doctor was correct in his diagnosis. ::throws hands up in the air:: They both agree that Jeff is a surgery candidate, but as to what type of surgery? More follow-up is needed. The insurance company will love this, I'm sure.

The kids are enjoying the final days of summer.
Emily has her first volleyball game tomorrow afternoon. She is nervous. If you think of it, send a "shout out" to #28 around 6:30p.m. Indiana time tomorrow.
Sarah is mastering her gymnastic routines, in preparation for her first competition in September.
Paige and Grace are eagerly awaiting ballet to start back up.

I put up 15 quarts of peaches last week. I found the best deal out at a little Amish produce market. I also made 3 peach cobblers. One for us and two for new neighbors.
We are pretty much over peaches now though...I had the kids eating them for lunch/snack for 4 days straight.

Jeff is assembling 2 bookcases for me right now. YAY! You know you are a homeschooling mom when new bookcases make you this happy!



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