Sunday, September 18, 2005

Take a trip with God

Today we talked about our journey with God.

What you will need for the adventure:

1. Hiking boots -- This is too remind you of the walk YOU must do. God is a partner in this journey. He will carry you when necessary, but prefers for you to do your part on the hike.

2. A Field Guide -- The Bible is a the perfect field guide for life. Don't just shove it in your backpack and hope for guidance Open the book, study and learn.

3. A change of clothes -- Sometimes on this journey, God shows us ways in which we need to change ourselves. Always be open to a new "wardrobe" with God.

4. Party food -- Always remember that there is joy in the Lord. There is ample time for s'mores along the trail.

In other news, Emily's volleyball invitational was a big hit yesterday. There were 8 teams playing. Em's team made it to the final two slots. This was the championship game. They fought hard and played as a team, but in the end, they lost by 2 points. The girls were sad but bounced back over ice cream. They learned a lot in the process and had fun. They have a regular game (at home) next week -- playing the team that beat them in the champ game.

Sarah's gymnastics invitational was fun! It was a big turn-out. There were 5 gyms represented and I don't know how many girls. Lots.
Sarah placed first in vault and floor for her age group. She placed second on beam for her age group. Her group did not perform on the bars.
Aside from the above wins, she placed second in overall performance for her age group. What a great accomplishment for her first meet. She was smiling ear to ear up there on the platform! Her next meet is October 8, up in Auburn.
Her great grandma will be here from Hawaii for that -- which makes all of us happy.

Love to all.


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