Saturday, October 01, 2005

To the lady who cut me off today....

Hey you! Yeh, you!
The one talking on the cell phone while slurping a Starbucks, driving down a very busy street.

It would help us all if you would pay attention to street signs and stop lights. We all have to drive the same road as you.
Watch for the lines in the road too. They are there for a reason.

Oh, and while I think it is wonderful that you are wearing a seatbelt -- I think it would be even better if your 3 children in the backseat (practically hanging out the windows) were buckled up too.
Sure, their smiling faces were cute and all...but no one will be smiling if there is an accident and they went flying.

One more thing. Count yourself lucky it was me you cut off, and not someone else with less patience. The ability to own a huge SUV does not make you special.
Today, it made you highly annoying.



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