Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The leaves are falling like rain drops. The colors are magnificent. Each day brings cooler temps and darker clouds. We turned the fireplace on for the first time this morning.

I am behind on blogging. Kids, church, co-op and life in general are keeping me busy. We also have grandma here for an extended visit.

Emily finished out the volleyball season yesterday. Overall, the Lady Falcons had a great season. They won 9 of their 12 games. Not bad for a fresh junior varsity team! The awards ceremony will be next week.
She will pick swim team back up after Christmas.

Sarah is working hard with gymnastics. Her vaulting is simply incredible. She has improved quite a bit in bars, her least favorite activity in gymnastics. Her next competition is November 6.

Paige had her first Nutcracker practice last Saturday. She is excited to be part of the Nutcracker family once again. A lot of her friends are in the same cast, so that makes it even better for her.

Gracie is enjoying her ballet class. She is also working on losing her first top middle tooth. She wiggles that poor little tooth with great interest each and every day...hoping it will pop out. She wants the $1, but not the gap. ::grin::

The boys are busy, loud, mischief masters and everything else that makes for little boys. They are growing taller by leaps and bounds. Their constant need for jeans and shoes prove it. Thank goodness for the new adjustable waist jeans at Old Navy. They need a 4T or 5 in jeans for length...but a 2T in the waist. Yes, you read that right. They are skin covered sticks. I don't know how or why...they seem to be eating all the time......

And, speaking of food - I must go for now. The chicken is boiling on the stovetop. I need to get it de-boned for chicken and dumplings. A family favorite.
I will do my best to stay in better touch. I miss blogging.

Hugs to all.


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