Friday, November 11, 2005


Jeff and I will celebrate 14 years of marriage and friendship next week (11/16). What an adventure it has been.

Some things we have done in the last 14 years, in no particular order:

1. We have said hello to many new family members and good-bye to some special members.

2. Jeff witnessed a violent day at work while we lived in Southern California. A disgruntled family member came into the hospital and killed 3 employees, before being captured. Jeff was right around the corner when his friend, the pharmacy director, was killed. The gunmen is now on death row in California.

3. We have celebrated the births of six wonderful children. What a joy!

4. We have made the hard decision to leave family and friends and explore a new home (Idaho).

5. We have lived through the nightmare of critically ill children, feeling a loss of control, while medical professionals are able to touch your babies more than you.

6. We made awesome friends in Idaho and built firm roots within a church community.

7. We faced another major move, much to our dismay.

8. We started on the homeschool journey. The people we have met along the way are amazing. The growth as a family is even better!

9. We planted new roots in Indiana and learned the meaning of Midwest hospitality.

10.We made it through a Masters program several years ago (Masters of Clinical science)- and are doing it again with the MBA program.

11.We are facing another life change as Jeff searches for a job after unexpected lay-offs claimed his position. God be with us.

In short, we have gone through some pretty stressful times as husband and wife. We've had to dig deep and steady ourselves on friendship that started it all on a blind date in 1990. We have been tested, berated and challenged. We have come out stronger, together.
And you know -- there are so many more good times than bad times. We are incredibly blessed. I don't ever want the dark times to shadow the sunshine we face each day.
God is faithful.

For those reading that did not know about the recent lay-off...please join us in prayer. This is an uncertain time for our family.

Love to all.

P.S. I can't forget to mention Paige's 9th birthday on 11/9. Happy Birthday to our curly topped baby doll. You were the best anniversary present ever!


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