Monday, November 07, 2005

The start of a new week

We are still here, despite Mother Nature's attempt at blowing Indiana off the map over the weekend. We had a HORRIBLE storm late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.
Lots of damage. Trees, signs and utility poles down all around town. We were fortunate and didn't get any damage. We have some friends that lost part of their barn and many roof shingles. They also found their trampoline UP in a tree, and their horse trailer 10 feet from where they left it (on cinder blocks!)
Also, you may have noticed on the news that Evansville, IN lost 22 citizens due to a tornado that ripped through town in the middle of the night. We are a good distance from Evansville, but our prayers are still with the families. Tornadoes are never a good thing, but when they arrive in the middle of the night, it is always tragic. There is just not sufficient warning when people are sleeping. This is such bizarre weather for November, that's for sure.

Emily had her awards banquet for volleyball on Saturday. It was a nice afternoon. Em received "Most Determined" player for the team. I will scan their team picture and share it soon. She plans on playing again next season.

Paige had her costume fitting for Nutcracker on Saturday, as well her first rehearsal. It was a crazy, busy day!

Yesterday, Sarah her a gymnastics competition. She did remarkable. She performed on uneven bars for the first time. Her stats, for those keeping score:
Floor: 8.6 (she missed a flip, bringing her score lower than usual)
Uneven Bars: 7.3 (very good for her first time)
Beam: 8.6
Vault: Are you ready? An amazing 9.3!
She placed first in floor, beam and vault. She placed first for overall.
Her vault score was the highest, in all levels, for the entire performance!
It was an incredible experience for her. Pictures to follow.

I just glanced at the clock. I better scoot. I have to get Gracie to ballet class.
Her teacher changed some of the hours around, and it is throwing me off this morning.

Love, hugs and smiles to all!


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