Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Until next year

I really dislike Halloween. Really, really dislike. It is a holiday that our family chooses to not celebrate, and around here, that makes us freak-like.
Halloween is big business in these parts.

For us, we cannot reconcile the history of Halloween with our Christian beliefs.
The kids attend our church fall party (games, music, food, fellowship and fun). We make candy apples and popcorn balls. They pass out candy to those that visit our home. It works for us.

Speaking of children that come to the home during Halloween....may I pull out some hair? We had 32 children visit our home last night (yes, I counted). Of those 32 children, only 4 said, "Thank you" when the candy hit their bag. Only 4! What is up with that? ::grumblegrumble:: I am *SO* glad Halloween is over.
Jeff and I have decided, starting next year, no more candy. We just don't want any part of the holiday. Instead, we will begin a new family tradition. We will go out to dinner as a family and see a movie.

On a positive note, today is November 1. Today is the day I allow myself to break out the Christmas music. ::grin::
I am listening to the CD, The Gift, by Kenny Rogers right now. Beautiful.

Hugs to all.


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