Friday, December 23, 2005

An early Christmas gift

Jeff has a job! He took an offer here in town. It isn't the ideal position, but it is an income for the family. Jeff will most likely continue to look for other opportunities -- but for now, we are rejoicing. A huge weight has been lifted from our emotions and home.

I want to extend a huge thank you to family, friends, church and God. The suport and love given to us these past 7 weeks has been amazing comfort. I have discovered a lot about myself through this process. I have found it necessary to repent in some areas -- and receive incredible blessings in others. Either way, I've been humbled and stretched. I see the lessons.

Enjoy your day! I know we will!


Blogger LisaQuing said...

What an awesome Christmas gift, Kim! I am rejoicing with you! (Regretful that you won't be in Michigan, though, lol!)

8:32 PM  

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