Saturday, December 03, 2005

Going nutty with Nutcracker

Tonight is opening night for Nutcracker, which means the past several days have been, well, nuts!

P has had tech rehearsals each night this week, some lasting until 11 at night. It is an exciting time, but exhausting. There are two casts for the production. P's cast performs tonight, tomorrow afternoon and 4 more times next week. The curtain goes down next Saturday night.

Speaking of next week -- next Saturday should be especially crazy. S has a gymnastic comp from 8:30-11 and then P has to be at the Arts Center from 4-closing. I am helping with make-up/costumes that day too. Me thinks I screwed up my calendar.....

This morning will be filled with christmas cookies! Imagine....the boys with various candies, frosting, dough and cutters. Stay tuned for my insanity plea.

Stay warm out there! It is a balmy 22 with a windchill of 8 this morning. Jealous?


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