Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stating the obvious

I am going to state the obvious. Beware.

It snows in NE Indiana. We get ice in NE Indiana.

Without fail, every year, there are goober people on the road - skidding all over creation after the first heavy snow. And no, these aren't new Hoosiers...these are long time inhabitants.
They should know better.

It snows in these here parts. Every year. Without fail. When it snows...the roads get slick. When the road gets slick, you need to slow down. If you don't slow down, you will end up in a ditch or intimately connected to another vechicle. That's a fact, man!

Oh, and while I am here....take the snow OFF of your car/van/truck before you decide to zoom down the highway. Otherwise, that 10 pounds of snow on your van roof will fly onto my windshield. Not fun. My kids hear bad words when it happens. We can't have that.


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