Tuesday, February 28, 2006


A school in California is implenting a new 'tracking' device(click to read) for students.
I understand the need for attendance and safety, but to use the same technology that ranchers use on cattle speaks of "big brother' to the hilt.

The way I see it -- this is one more step for the government. I wish more parents would stand up and say, "Stop. You do not own my children!"

Mark my words. If something isn't done soon -- parents will be kissing their sweet toddler on the head and sending them off to 'mandatory' classrooms.

It is already starting in some places. South Carolina has a bill in motion right now asking for the compulsory attendance age to be lowered to four. Four!


Anonymous Rachael said...

Okay, being a public school educator I see their point in wanting to raise student safety and such...but this might be a little too far, ya think!

I know my school has toyed with the idea of having the students wear their IDs at all times (much like many companies require their employees to wear IDs) and the administrators and campus security would have scanning devices to scan the barcodes to know where a student should be. But they have never talked about this type of tracking device (and I don't plan on giving them any ideas).


8:27 PM  
Anonymous Gina said...

In Florida, where my brother went to H.S. they do where their ID cards in holders around their necks. I don't recall them ever using scanning devices to determine if the kid was in the right place or not. I think it was more of an obvious identification technique to keep non-students off the campus. For those reasons that makes sense. (the drug dealers aren't students but would come on campus to do their business during school)

The radio frequency tag seems over the top. Put the barcodes on the ID's and let the kids where them, if you need to. But I think the high tech gadgetry is a bit much.

5:36 AM  

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