Thursday, February 02, 2006

I sneak around my house....

... and eavesdrop on my children. It is quite enlightening at times; downright funny most of the time!

What I just heard (while they were upstairs getting jammies on):

Jake: I want ice cream for dessert.
Sarah: That would be good.
Gracey: Oh. We have chocolate in the garage freezer. I saw mom toss it in there they other day. It's the "good" ice cream too!
Caleb: ::: manic screams as he gets stuck in his pj top :::
Paige: Is mom ready for us to have dessert? You know how she doesn't like us asking over and over.
Emily: :: grumble :: I just helped with the dishes. She should be ready.
Sarah: I want a cone, not a bowl.
Jake: I am going to ask her.
Paige: Okay. Tell her we all want some, okay?
Jake: I am going to say, "Mom, we want ice cream. Look at my darling face. See my smile?"
Girls: ::: bust gutting laughter ::::
Caleb: I really *need ice cream

Me? I hightail it away from the door, trying to stifle my giggles. You had to hear Jake's voice when he said the last part. Hilarious. He was laying it on thick.

I have happy kids right now. They are playing Mrs PacMan - chowing on ice cream.
(Hub-Man is at school......wishing he were here).



Blogger KKT said...

that is so funny!!!! chocolate ice cream sounds good!

7:05 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

"Look at my darling face" Bwahahahahhhaaha.

(do you really have ice cream in the garage freezer?)

1:53 PM  
Blogger Kathy Pitt said...

o0o they sounds so cute!! and so nice to heard kids getting along, even if they were plotting your demise together lol

3:44 AM  

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