Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Valentine Cards

Hey, two entries in one day. Go me!

I took the kids to Target after lessons today. We have a Valentine party at co-op this Thursday, complete with music, crafts, cookies and card exchange. There are about 125 kids there -- so it is a major "to do" each year!

Have you shopped for Valentine cards lately? Big changes. First, the little flimsy white envelopes are gone. You close the cards with a sticker. Less waste - makes sense.
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Remember when we would make bags or boxes for our cards? We would attach them to our desk and wait for all of the cards and goodies to make a dent in our art work. Fun times. Look at this genius marketing ploy? The cards are inside the box. The box has a slit and handle -- perfect for receiving your "love notes" from others. Very cute!
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Paige - Strawberry Shortcake

Gracey - Princess

Sarah - Groovey Monkey

Caleb - Elmo

Jacob - Cookie Monster

Em - not shown. She is going to make a few cards for her closest friends. She is too "cool" for "baby" cards.


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