Monday, March 13, 2006

The school bus is sick. Real sick.

Our trusty, well loved van (aka: schoolbus) went in for a tune-up and oil change last Friday morning. It also needed a "look over" due to some pops, creaks and fizzle sounds from time to time.

It is now Monday night and my van is being held hostage at the mechanics. Yes, that's right -- our family has been without our main transportation, sans dh's little commuter car, for 4 days. Four very long days.

On Saturday, it was nice. No van meant everyone had to stay home. Together.

Sunday, not so nice. We couldn't get to church.

Today, dd#4 had to miss her ballet class. This made Miss G very sad which in turn made me, the momma, sad.

Dh just got off the phone with the mechanic (whom we have worked with for years and trust).
Seems The Ol' Grey Mare just ain't what she used to be. The fuel pump and driving shaft need to be replaced. Oh. The driver side window motor too.

Can you hear me sobbing? How about my screams? For good measure, I am going to stomp my feet and whine (real loud) too!

If all goes as planned (ha) - our checking account will be drained by noon tomorrow.
But hey. We will have our van back.


Blogger KKT said...

awwwww kim i'm sorry. car problems are sooo stressful!

7:47 PM  
Blogger owlhaven said...

oh, bummer!


9:25 PM  

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