Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What I wish people knew....

So, in an attempt to find new blog material, I lurked around my favorite blogs (see blog roll).
Needing a laugh, I immediately gave
Holy Mama a look-see.
Bingo. Great idea!!

What I wish people knew....

  1. An apple core left under the van seat begins to stink in hot weather.
  2. Spiders, toads and bugs come into the house when you open the back door 250 times in a 5 minute span.
  3. Dogs do not like the trampoline.
  4. The air conditioner can not do the job if you open every window and door in the house.
  5. Peacocks scream loudly. They also charge small childen holding pretzels.
  6. Under the couch is not an appropriate place to store books, socks and shoes.
  7. The ice cream needs to go in the freezer, not the pantry.
  8. Toothpaste will not go back into the tube. Stop trying.
  9. There is no magic fairy to turn off lights.
  10. Play-doh is not a subsitute for glue, breakfast or floor covering.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I am feeling LOST

Jeff and I just finished the 2nd disc from season 1 of LOST. (we never watched it on TV)
My take on the show? It is a hyped up Gilligans Island cast - stranded in Jurassic Park.

Eh. Jeff seems to be hooked and vowed his undying love to Netflix once again.
Does it get better in Season 2?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Random ramblings

  • I am officially old. Today a Trans Am zoomed by me on the highway. It had a Historical Vehicle license plate. Man, that hurt.
  • Why can't people say "Thank you" when someone holds the door open for them? Each one of the boys (who are 4) held the door open for different people at the library this afternoon. No one thanked them. These are small boys, trying to learn manners and respect. You can't say "Thanks?" Ugh.
  • In case you didn't know, The DaVinci Code is a work of fiction. Enough said.
  • I watched the remake of Pride and Prejudice over the weekend. Well done.
  • Spring has left the area. It is cold, windy and wet. It has been like this for almost 2 weeks. I've had enough.
  • Jeff will be out of town next week for his interview with the University.
  • Crunchy Cons is a neat read. Check it out!
  • Questioning Evangelism is a quick and informative read. I highly recommend it.
  • This weekend is our annual Homeschool Resource Expo at the coliseum. I will be working the registration table in the afternoon. Linda Hobar from Mystery of History will be one of the featured speakers. I can't wait!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Homeschool plans

We finished our lessons on Wednesday! Whew.

E did state testing on M, T and W. It is not mandated for Indiana, but Jeff and I figure it is a good idea now that she is in junior high (7th grade). We will test every year from 7th to 12th. If for no other reason, it will be helpful come transcript time.

We will take a break until June 12, at which time we will start the next year of lessons. We need to work through the summer (albeit, at a slower pace) so we don't get behind. With so many sporting activities, this is what works for our family.

I am trying something new this year. Each child has a spiral notebook. In the notebook are 180 lessons for each subject.
(Yes, I have been working on this for over a month) Before, I only did plans in monthly intervals. It was chaos at the end of the month and most of the time, we scrambled week to week. Hopefully, with this careful planning on my part, things will be calmer.
I like calm!

Next year, our lessons will include:

E (8th grade)

Grammar - Abeka
Writing - Abeka
Lit - Abeka
Spelling/Poetry - Abeka
Science - Abeka and co-op
History - whole non fiction history books, timelines, reports
Math - Saxon Algebra
Bible - Bible
Music - violin lessons once a week
Art - co-op once a week
Foreign Language - ASL with co-op and Spanish (to be determined)
PE - volleyball (3x week) and swim (2x week) teams, as well as organized gym day once a week

S (6th grade)

Grammar - Abeka
Writing - Abeka
Reading - Abeka
Spelling/Poetry - Abeka
Science - Abeka and co-op
History - Story of the World
Math - Saxon
Bible - Bible
Music - co-op
Art - co-op
Foreign Language - ASL with co-op and Spanish (to be determined)
PE - gymnastic team (3x week), ballet (2x week) and organized gym day once a week

P (4th grade)

Language - Abeka
Writing - Abeka
Spelling/Poetry - Abeka
Reading - Abeka
Science - Abeka and co-op
History - Story of the World
Math - Saxon
Bible - Bible
Music - co-op
Art - co-op
Foreign Language - ASL with co-op and Spanish (to be determined)
PE - ballet (2x week), swim lessons (1x week) in the fall and organized gym once a week

G (2nd grade)

Language - Abeka
Writing - Abeka
Spelling/Poetry - Abeka
Reading - Abeka
Science - Abeka and co-op
History - Story of the World
Math - Horizons
Bible - Bible
Music - co-op
Art - co-op
Foreign Language - ASL with co-op and Spanish (to be determined)
PE - ballet (2x week), swim lessons (1x week) and organized gym day

C and J (PreK)

lots of reading (I *might introduce Learning to Read in 100 Lessons)
harder puzzles and legos

music through co-op
Spanish through co-op
Bible stories
learn how to write names, ABC's and numbers 1-25
bug and flower collecting

play and explore
soccer (this summer) and swim lessons (in the fall) and organized gym class once a week

Sunday, May 07, 2006

You know you are the momma to a big family when... have 3 children at a church dinner but you prepare enough food and set the table for them as if they were here. And, because you don't want to waste the food -- you invite a couple people over for dinner. don't notice when an extra child (or 3) plays in your backyard. Target, you accidently grab a small boy's hand because he is standing next to you.

...when you hear a baby cry, you start the 'rock' -- regardless of your location. laugh at the serving size on a normal size bag of goldfish.

...same thing for a carton of ice cream.

...Sam's *is* your grocery store of choice. takes 16 eggs to to make scrambled eggs for the family. go through 5 loaves of bread a week, on average. takes 2 pounds of ground meat to make burgers for the family.

...your laundry room floor creaks from over-use.

...people stare at you in public and practice their counting skills.

...a 6 pack of socks doesn't last long.

...when you ask for 'good-night' are tackled by a team of players.
And that is very cool!

Friday, May 05, 2006

A fellow blogger

Carolyn over at Guilt Free Homeschooling has a new look! She is also on fire with inspiration.

In her entry
Should Everyone Homeschool she has the following to say:

A statement commonly made by people not involved in homeschooling is that not everyone should homeschool. I am perplexed by this. I was discussing homeschooling with a mother whose children attended public school, when she asked me directly if I thought everyone should homeschool. She asked the question with a very defensive tone in her voice, as though she expected me to agree with her perspective that homeschooling is only beneficial to a few select families. I stated that I have never yet met a child who would not benefit from homeschooling, and she immediately switched from defensive haughtiness to genuine curiosity, replying, "Really?!"

Give the link a click to read the rest of her wise words.

In another entry, she busts through
Reasons why I could never homeschool....

If you are a parent who thinks you could never homeschool, be encouraged: I used to be one of you. If someone had suggested back then that I should homeschool, I would have had a dozen reasons ready why I could not do it. One day, I ran out of reasons. Actually, the reasons why I wanted to try homeschooling began to outnumber my excuses for not trying it.

When you have a free moment, take the time to visit Carolyn's blog and read her fine words.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

She was once a small baby

And now look at her! A young lady, excited about the world around her.
Last Friday was the Spring Social for area homeschoolers. We had 116 kids there, ages 13-18.
It was a terrific event! Lots of talking, dancing, giggling, eating and goofiness.

This is E with her very best friend. E is in the cream dress.
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This teen group gets together every 4-6 weeks. Their main focus is community service. They help at schools, senior citizen centers, hospitals, parks, etc. They are doing amazing work for His glory. Several times a year, they have parties, movie night, sporting events and other social gatherings.

It is refreshing to see a group of teenagers work/play together in an appropriate manner.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can you guess?

What happened this morning to freak the kids out, humble me and cause a $206 check to be written to the city (that I have to deliver to the court house next week!)?

Yeh, that's right. I got a ticket. I haven't received a ticket since I was 17 years old. That was a long time ago (as my dear sweet snickering hubby likes to point out).

If my two police officer brother in laws are reading this -- can ya help a sister out here? (I kid, I kid)

It was completely my fault. I screwed up. However, I will go to my grave believing the light was yellow!

Oh well. Maybe the city will plant some nice trees with my money or something.....

Monday, May 01, 2006


For those familiar with Colonial and Frontier House, PBS is showing a new 'house' tonight. It is called Texas Ranch House. There will be 8 shows in total.

I hope they do a better job with this event. I was less than impressed with Colonial House for several reasons. Frontier House missed the mark in a few areas too.

May 1

I think this article from Freedom Alliance sums up my feelings on the immigration protests quite nicely. Here is a portion of the article.....

Tom Kilgannon, President of Freedom Alliance agreed, "Politicians in Washington would have us believe that these folks are cuddly and loveable refugees who just want a fair shake at the American Dream. But their so-called 'May Day' actions show that they are little more than irresponsible opportunists and professional agitators who encourage children to play hooky; turn their backs on their employers; inflict damage on the economy; place added strain on law enforcement officers; cause problems for commuters; and hijack our National Anthem."

"Meantime on Monday, 150 million responsible Americans and legal-immigrant hopefuls, will go to work, send their children to school, obey the law, pursue the American dream legally and contribute to the well being of the economy and society. These individuals are working to keep America the greatest nation on earth while others are selfishly exploiting it for personal gain. They are demanding rights and conditions they are not even allowed by the Constitution in their own country."

Dougherty added, "And how does this so-called ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ entitled "Nuestro Himno" (Our Anthem) promote unity? How does this help solve the debate over illegal immigration," noted Dougherty, "because that's what the issue is about – illegal immigration, not whether Americans do or do not want to close off immigration altogether, which most don't.