Friday, May 05, 2006

A fellow blogger

Carolyn over at Guilt Free Homeschooling has a new look! She is also on fire with inspiration.

In her entry
Should Everyone Homeschool she has the following to say:

A statement commonly made by people not involved in homeschooling is that not everyone should homeschool. I am perplexed by this. I was discussing homeschooling with a mother whose children attended public school, when she asked me directly if I thought everyone should homeschool. She asked the question with a very defensive tone in her voice, as though she expected me to agree with her perspective that homeschooling is only beneficial to a few select families. I stated that I have never yet met a child who would not benefit from homeschooling, and she immediately switched from defensive haughtiness to genuine curiosity, replying, "Really?!"

Give the link a click to read the rest of her wise words.

In another entry, she busts through
Reasons why I could never homeschool....

If you are a parent who thinks you could never homeschool, be encouraged: I used to be one of you. If someone had suggested back then that I should homeschool, I would have had a dozen reasons ready why I could not do it. One day, I ran out of reasons. Actually, the reasons why I wanted to try homeschooling began to outnumber my excuses for not trying it.

When you have a free moment, take the time to visit Carolyn's blog and read her fine words.


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