Thursday, May 18, 2006

Random ramblings

  • I am officially old. Today a Trans Am zoomed by me on the highway. It had a Historical Vehicle license plate. Man, that hurt.
  • Why can't people say "Thank you" when someone holds the door open for them? Each one of the boys (who are 4) held the door open for different people at the library this afternoon. No one thanked them. These are small boys, trying to learn manners and respect. You can't say "Thanks?" Ugh.
  • In case you didn't know, The DaVinci Code is a work of fiction. Enough said.
  • I watched the remake of Pride and Prejudice over the weekend. Well done.
  • Spring has left the area. It is cold, windy and wet. It has been like this for almost 2 weeks. I've had enough.
  • Jeff will be out of town next week for his interview with the University.
  • Crunchy Cons is a neat read. Check it out!
  • Questioning Evangelism is a quick and informative read. I highly recommend it.
  • This weekend is our annual Homeschool Resource Expo at the coliseum. I will be working the registration table in the afternoon. Linda Hobar from Mystery of History will be one of the featured speakers. I can't wait!


Blogger msdramateacherlady said...

I know what you mean with the "thank you"...I was on my way out of the bank one day and this man was on his way to the door to come in, so I held it for him. He snatched it out of my hand so hard that if I would have had a firmer grip I could have been hurt. I said "You're welcome" as I walked away. The rude people "love" it when you do that.

Anyway, I hereby thank the boys for being sweet enough to hold the doors open and for knowing at 4 that that is a nice thing to do (good job, Mom!).

9:04 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

It had a Historical Vehicle license plate

That hurts to read. Ouch.

Congratulations on the door holding and on the end of the year, job well done on both!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

It's tough when my son holds a door for someone and they don't say anything to him. He used to ask why, but he doesn't anymore. He still holds the door open though!

You had a great idea on your Homeschool plans post about the notebooks! Thanks for the tip!

4:13 PM  
Blogger KKT said...

oh gosh... some people can be so rude. i always say thank you! in fact, i tend to say "thank you" even when it SHOULD be the other way around... like, when i pay for my groceries.

whaddya mean the davinci code is fiction?! *grin*

8:46 PM  
Blogger RANDI said...

A Trans Am is a historical vehicle?!?! What does that make me? Old, I guess!

I enjoyed reading Crunchy Cons too--it made me think about the way I use my time and money--always good things to think about!

9:22 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

I love the random notes. Come one now, the camaro is NOT that old! And neither are you! ;)

9:26 AM  

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