Sunday, May 07, 2006

You know you are the momma to a big family when... have 3 children at a church dinner but you prepare enough food and set the table for them as if they were here. And, because you don't want to waste the food -- you invite a couple people over for dinner. don't notice when an extra child (or 3) plays in your backyard. Target, you accidently grab a small boy's hand because he is standing next to you.

...when you hear a baby cry, you start the 'rock' -- regardless of your location. laugh at the serving size on a normal size bag of goldfish.

...same thing for a carton of ice cream.

...Sam's *is* your grocery store of choice. takes 16 eggs to to make scrambled eggs for the family. go through 5 loaves of bread a week, on average. takes 2 pounds of ground meat to make burgers for the family.

...your laundry room floor creaks from over-use.

...people stare at you in public and practice their counting skills.

...a 6 pack of socks doesn't last long.

...when you ask for 'good-night' are tackled by a team of players.
And that is very cool!


Blogger Sheri said...

Well we've only been blessed with four children, but I so agree with your list!

1:50 PM  

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