Friday, June 23, 2006

Fifteen on Friday

Fifteen rambling thoughts for Friday

1. We had massive storm systems roll through here yesterday and Wednesday. Our next house *will* have a basement!

2. We had a "YAY! It is the beginning of summer" party in church on Wednesday. The kids played outside, slurped on juicy watermelon and munched on chocolate cookies. It has been 18 months since I took on this position and I have grown to love these children. I learn so much about His love through their smiles and words.

3. We are planning another trip to Viriginia next month. Our last visit was too short. A picture of the girl cousins. Beauties! We were there for Kate's (the tallest) high school graduation.

4. We haven't heard from Michigan. Today is the 4 week mark. I am left feeling relieved and anxious. Strange? God's will. God's will. (yes, I am talking to myself)

5. Our digital camera stopped working last week. It didn't even give us a warning.

6. My allergies are in hyper-drive right now. If I could take my eyeballs out and soak them in ice water, I would. The OTC medications don't seem to be helping all that much. I'm going to have to place a call to the doctor's office.

7. We started our lessons this week. Things appear to be running smoothly. E is feeling the extra workload but is handling it with grace (99% of the time).

8. S was bumped up another level in gymnastics.

9. I took everything off the den mantle yesterday. That did NOT help my allergies. I am pairing down decor around the house. Less is more.

10. Back to Michigan real quick -- last night I was watching House Hunters on HGTV. Guess what city was featured? Yes. Ann Arbor. It was freaky.

11. The boys are campainging (big time) to see Cars. I hear it is a fun family movie. Maybe next week?

12. Our cute cocker spaniel, Bailey, has lost most of his hearing. I suspected this for a while, but the vet confirmed it last week. Despite this ordeal, he is still a terrific family member. He is playful, cuddly and a constant companion. He will be 11 next month.

13. Our peach tree should produce fruit this season. I wasn't sure if it survived a big storm we had a few months ago. The wind knocked it over quite a bit, exposing some of the roots. It appears to be fine though.

14. I made Jeff a peach and rubarb pie for Father's Day. He was thrilled.

15. It is birthday week in our house next week. Jeff on Monday. Sarah on Friday.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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