Sunday, July 30, 2006

Humidity is the devil

You haven't lived until you open door and the wet, sticky air performs a smackdown on your butt. Fun times. {dripping sarcasm to match the dripping sweat}

I've lived in Southern California for 20+ years. I visited Palm Springs in August. I played in Las Vegas in September. I lived in the Idaho desert for 3 years. I know hot.
This Midwest stuff? Unbearable. It sucks the air right out of your lungs and does things to your hair that rival the 80's. That shower you took 2 hours ago? Void and gone. You need another one, stat.

Bring on the crisp autumn air and big puffy snowflakes. Yeh, I said it!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bitter or Better - make the choice

Explain the saying: The circumstances of life can make us better or bitter.

This is the question that popped out at me in my Bible journal. At first, I quickly dismissed it with a, “Well that’s easy” but upon further thought, it isn’t so easy.

I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life; things that could make one angry and hurt for a long time. And you know, for a while, long ago, it did make me bitter. I was acting out in destructive ways and hurting the one person that mattered the most – me.

Thankfully, I swallowed my pride and sought help before it was too late. With the help of friends and therapy, I let go of the pain. I let go of the anger. I let go of the expectations. I found myself, deep inside, just waiting for the right time to come out and live. What a difference life was when I chose the good, happy, uplifting side of things. Things, while not perfect, were easier. I had to learn to live in a non-chaotic world.

I met Jeff in 1990 on a blind date. I almost canceled two times, but thankfully, the friends that set us up wouldn’t allow it. I am grateful for their insight. In the beginning of our relationship, I had inner-fights with my mind; thinking this relationship was too good for me. It wasn’t loud enough. It wasn’t sad enough. Something was bound to go wrong. More work for Kim was needed. Thankfully, I continued to work on myself and Jeff was supportive.

When Jeff and I decided to get married, we both agreed on a church wedding. I grew up loosely understanding my Christian faith while Jeff was pretty much an agnostic. Together, we found our way. Praise God. To celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, we were baptized, side by side. It is an afternoon I will never forget.

Our life together has been filled fun times, smiles and hugs. We are the proud parents of six amazing children. To the outsider, we have it ‘going on.’ And you know, for the most part, we do. That’s not to say that it has all come easy. That would be a lie. A happy, fulfilling marriage takes work and patience. Parenthood adds a new, sometimes awkward, dimension to a marriage. More hard work is needed.

As parents, we have faced awesome joy and tremendous pain. We have stared death in the face while fighting our way through the NICU nightmare with the boys. We have held hands with our girls, and let go when necessary (which is hard). We’ve made family choices that put us on the outside of society, and face the obstacles of those choices. We jump the hurdles together, stronger for the fight.

Do I know bitterness? You bet. I could have traveled down a vastly different path had I let that bitter pill make its way to my soul. Instead, I spit it out and chose happiness and faith. Thank you, God.

Life is new each day. Things won’t always go the way we want, but with His grace and the help of family, you persevere. Today, I make BETTER choices.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogging from Borders

Over the last few days, I find myself in the café portion of Borders, sipping coffee and working on a personal journal. It is amazing how much a person can get done in 2-1/2 hours when left to their devices. The kids are having a blast at Vacation Bible School.

At the next table, there is a group of 5 older ladies. They are enjoying one another’s company with tea and bagels. I wouldn’t normally write about people I don’t know, or more specifically, their conversation, but these sweet ladies are such a blessing. You can see the friendship in their eyes. They have strong opinions about God (love Him), our great nation (love her), the arts (love to sing), travel (love it) and family (love one another). They spent a lot of time discussing World War II with clear words and feeling.

They share their heart with wisdom and humor. I find them endearing. A business man at the table behind them appears to be annoyed by their words, but the ladies are oblivious. It is my prayer that one day; I will have the pleasure of sharing memories over tea with dear friends. Right now, they are joining hands and praying over one another with such sweet voices. I find myself saying, “Amen.”

These ladies have touched me. They bring memories of my dear grandmother to the front of my mind. It reminds me that we all have an impact in this world, and sometimes, it appears over tea, among friends.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"What do you mean you weren't wearing underwear at church?"

Have you read, Froggy Gets Dressed? It is a bedtime favorite around this house. The boys have it memorized, along with, Froggy Goes Swimming.

Today, Caleb could have used a refresher course from dear ol' Froggy. Seems my darling little boy went to Vacation Bible School with no underwear on. Oh, yes he did!

Hear me clearly, the boy had underwear on when I helped him get dressed this morning! A nice fresh pair of size 4 tighty-whities, just for him.

When we came home from VBS, he was adjusting himself more than usual (didn't know that was possible). I asked him if everything was okay. His reply, "Yep. I just don't have underwear on, that's all."

:: blank stare ::
Excuse me?

"Yeh, mom - I took them off before we went to church. They got wet when I went to the bathroom."

Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

"Son, you have to wear underwear, especially at church. Trust me on this one, buddy."

:: laughter from Caleb ::

Fortunately, Emily helped in Caleb's class today. She has reassured me that Caleb was a perfect gentleman and kept his commando status to himself.

We read, Froggy Gets Dressed, twice before bed tonight. Extra re-enforcement, ya know?

For those not familiar, Froggy forgets his underwear in Froggy Gets Dressed. For two 4 year old boys, this is fine comdey writing.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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Prayers for our world.
Prayers of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and grace.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Relaxation is good for the soul - really!

Today I dropped off all 6 children for VBS at church. It starts at 9 and ends at 11:30. Fun, exciting time for all - including me!

See, I've always helped with VBS in the past. That is what Kim does. Always.

Not this year. With everything going on around the house, with Jeff's work, homeschool lessons, etc. I took a step back and gave myself a break. When asked to assist, I simply said, "No. Not this year." Oh, it was hard. I wanted to explain myself. I wanted to seek forgiveness. I wanted to help 'just a little' -- but I was strong. For 12-1/2 hours this week, I am going to do what I want, when I want, how I want. I am going to re-charge. And you know what? That is good!

So, this morning I kissed my babies, hugged a few friends, and got into my van. Then, I drove away. I went to Borders, ordered the biggest iced latte they offered and sat in a leather chair. It was blissful.

Tomorrow, I might go to the Rose Garden downtown and find a shady tree. Feed the ducks. Listen to music. Drink more lattes. Breathe.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


In a fit of insomnia last night, it occured to me that we have 12 paychecks until Christmas.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Old Navy and Urgent Care

If you haven't been to Old Navy lately, go for a visit! They are having a tremendous sale. We purchased 5 pairs of jeans, 2 light jackets, 6 pair of flip flops and 2 t-shirts for $50! The jeans will be perfect for fall. They were on sale for $5!

All of the money we saved at Old Navy was spent on Sunday. Jeff took a nasty fall in the garage, resulting in a trip to Urgent Care. He broke his left wrist and badly sprained his hand.
Poor guy.

Friday, July 07, 2006


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It was a year ago today that London was under attack.

Prayers for peace.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

House rules

You know, I'm a pretty spontaneous gal. I mean, I do have 6 children. Flexibility should be my middle name.

To help minimize hormonal outbursts (mine, not theirs) -- we have a few rules. They are posted on the fridge for all to see (and know!)

House Rules - Know them, live them, love them

  1. No mean touching
  2. If you get it out -- put it away
  3. If it isn't yours -- ask first
  4. Use your manners
  5. No name calling
  6. Be kind to the furniture

That's it. Pretty basic. If someone is caught doing something wrong, a simple, "What house rule are you breaking right now" usually gets them back on path.

I'm sitting here, enjoying an iced coffee while the girls read outside(what a beautiful morning). The boys are hunting for bugs. I can tell when they find one by the screams from girl 3 and girl 4.

I have been working on our calendar for fall. It's not looking good. Every year I tell myself, "No crazy days, Kim." but it never works. Inevitably, there is at least one day that is a logistical nightmare. Thursday is going to be that day for me. Friends, it looks bad. I'll share later.

The boys are now bringing the bugs IN the house. I feel a new house rule coming on..........

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July
While celebrating with family and friends, remember to say a prayer for our brave solidiers who are fighting for our freedoms.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday snippets

Random thoughts:

  1. Church was incredible this morning. Very powerful. I always get something out of worship and/or the message, but this morning God's presence was strong. The worship team was on fire. The message was something I didn't realize I needed to hear, until I heard it. It was one of those mornings when you walk out of church -- ready to take on the world.
  2. We have had several storms roll through the area. One hit right before dinner. It sent all of us to the safe area of the house (downstairs, interior bathroom and walk-in closet). The wind was fierce. We had a good amount of hail. The rain was pouring from the sky. We also discovered a leak in one of the den windows. The propane grill went sailing through the backyard (really!) and the trampoline moved a good 20 feet. Our neighbors lost their canopy deck coverings and parts of their fence. In all my time here, this was the worst storm we have experienced. It was quick and strong. Our next house, wherever it may be, *will* have a basement!
  3. Tonight, Caleb said the blessing at dinner. He is 4. His prayer, "Thank you for the food in front of me. Thank you for my safe house. Thank you for my family sitting with me. Thank you for loving us. Please help us to learn about you. In Jesus' name, Amen." What a sweet little boy.
  4. I was going through pictures last night. I came across some pictures of the boys when they were in NICU. You know, it has been over 4 years since their humble start and I still can't look at the pictures without feeling anxiety, fear and pain. One of these days I really need to go through the journal I kept during that time and sort the pictures accordingly. One of my trusted mentors at church believes I have experienced a post traumatic syndrome of sorts after the ordeal. I suppose it is possible. I know things affect me a lot differently than before, which is to be expected, but the level of anxiety and fear are overpowering at times. It was especially bad about 2 years ago. I think my body finally allowed myself to recall everything and frankly, I just didn't like what I was remembering. Still, memories are a good thing to have -- it helps us to remember where we have been, and where we are going. And you know, to look at my active, mischievous, adorable boys now, I am reminded of His incredible mercy. For that I am thankful.
  5. Not sure what we are doing for the 4th of July. If you read this blog last year, you may recall the humorous (?) time we had during a fireworks show. I'm sure we are still a point of conversation among many people in the community. A screaming little girl, wailing twin boys, porta potty disgust and traffic jams are a fine way to celebrate the nation's birthday, right? The boys insist they are ready to watch the show this year. Gracey, not so much. She is adamant about *not* going to the park. I suggested earplugs. I suggested earphones with fun music. I suggested kettle corn and grape soda (okay, it's a bribe -- I admit it). No go. Unless something changes, Jeff will take the kids to the show and Gracey and I will stay home and watch a movie.
  6. Speaking of fireworks, what is with this state and fireworks? I swear, from June 1 to August 30, fireworks are as common as lightening bugs and grill parties. I appreciate a good party and playful fun, but after the 4th or 5th sonic boom in the neighborhood, night after night, I'm done.
  7. We had sweet, fresh, deep red cherries for dessert tonight! Superb.

Have a great one!