Wednesday, August 02, 2006

That's okay, I like to drive around like a maniac.

Well, it's official - I have transformed the temperamental van into a taxi.
I finalized our calendar this morning. I have developed a strange twitch in my left eye and I am balding at a rapid rate. Aside from that, life is peachy keen.

Let's see:
E was informed last week that she made the JV squad for her volleyball team. This is super exciting for her. She was on the junior high team previously and has worked hard to move up.
With this new team, we have added more practices, state tournies and games. I am thrilled for her and enjoy the process, but my calendar - eh, not so much.
Volleyball ends in November. She will start swim team in January.

S has been moved to a higher level in gymnastics. She is in the gym for 3 days a week, for a total of 10 hours. Starting in September, she will have one competition a month - some at our gym, some at other gyms. She is also taking one ballet class to keep her technique in place.
Up until this time, she was taking both ballet and gymnastics pretty equally. She can't do that now -- since she is ready to move to pointe work in ballet and that requires 3 days at the studio.
So, this year she had to pick - gymnastics or ballet. Of course, she went with her passion.

P has been invited to join a new ballet conservatory here in town. She will be there for 3 classes, working her way to pointe instruction. I am eager to see what is in store for her.

G will also be at the new ballet studio, but for only one class. She is also going to join our dance worship team at church.

The boys - bless their hearts. They are going to (hopefully) start a karate class this fall. They also talk about wanting to learn gymnastics, but unless the gym offers a huge discount (ha) for siblings, I may have to sell a kidney for that to happen. We'll see.

So, uh, about that calendar......

Oh, by the way --- the humidity is still causing us grief. It is so bad, y'all.


Blogger msdramateacherlady said...

I'm tired just reading your schedule. Your children are fortunate to have a mom (actually parents) who are so excited to see them succeed at what they love.

I have worked with too many students who's parents never show up for a performance.

Keep up the wonderful parenting, I look forward to reading what the year as to bring for you.

8:04 PM  
Blogger shannon dowdell said...

one word - CARPOOL

5:40 PM  

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