Monday, September 25, 2006

Treat yourself -- see this movie.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

A child's faith

While running various children to various activities, I started to sneeze. A lot.
It continued through 8 stop lights and a few lane changes. Thank goodness for my box o' Kleenex!

On about the bazillionth (I exagerrate just a tad), one of the boys shouted, "Momma, are you okay?" I wipe my sore nose and rub my itchy eyes before saying, "Oh, mommy is having a hard time with my allergies today. I'll be okay." He replies, "Maybe if you stop for a Starbucks, you will feel better, mom." Whatta boy! He knows me well.

I sneezed a few more times before letting out a sound comparable to, "ArghhhACHOOmakeitstopmyheadisgoingtoexplodeAhhhhh!"

From the back of the van, I hear, "Jesus. Please bless mommy. Make her nose stop sneezing. Help her feel better. In Jesus name, Amen."

This time, my eyes weren't watering from allergies, they were watering from tears. My sweet boy prayed over me with such conviction and care. If it would have been possible, I would have pulled over and scooped him into my arms. I looked in the rearview mirror, said "Thank you" and blew him a kiss.

The best conversations happen in the van! Always.

And you know -- I am feeling a bit better.
"Let the little children come to me...."

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She once was tiny

Gracie is 8 today. My baby girl. Eight years old.

This is a little girl that cherishes her place in the family, as the youngest girl. She wants to be a princess when she grows up and practices with tiaras, dresses, and the 'perfect' shoes now.
She loves ballet, tap dancing, animals, and all things pink. She has a blonde pixie cut and big blue eyes.

Gracie is known for her shyness and non-stop giggles once she warms up to the situation. Even at this tender age, she knows Jesus and loves Him with her whole heart. She is a master hugger and love bug. She reminds me daily the importance of cuddles and the enjoyment that comes from being a girl.

Happy birthday, Princess. We love you bunches and bunches.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

80's clothes = bad......80's music = good

So, I took our 4 girls shopping last weekend. We hit Old Navy, Macys, Children's Place, Kohl's and Target. Fun, if not exhausting, afternoon. If I were honest, I would throw in the phrase, 'freaked out', too!
Have you seen some of the styles lately? Do they make you cringe and turn the other way?

Okay. Back up a bit. Raise your hand if you remember the 80's in all it's gorey detail. (If you don't remember the 80's in detail, why are you reading my blog? You trying to make me feel even older? Stop it!).

Anyway, I had the original jelly shoes, skinny jeans (and legs to match), striped mini dress, mini skirts/leggings and off the shoulder sweatshirts. Throw in a can of Aqua Net and a banana clip and call it a day! You just described most of my wardrobe.

Why, for the love of all things good and beautiful do we need a re-visit of the above styles? Let's be honest, they weren't all that flattering the first time around. Yeh, I can admit that now.
Fortunately, my girls were not impressed with most of the new clothing fads, but E did take a liking to a denim skirt and black leggings at Old Navy. :: shaking my head ::

Let's make a deal (ha, a 70's memory) -- say 'no' to the 80's fashion; bring back the music of the 80's instead.
We rocked the music world! Check out Oingo Boingo, Duran Duran, Journey, and The Go-Go's.