Thursday, May 31, 2007


S has moved up in gymnastics. This is wonderful for her. This is painful for the pocketbook.

With this new level comes choreographers, special music, etc.
I just placed an order for her floor music.

For one piece of music that is 1 minute and 20 seconds long, I paid $48.
Yes. You read that right.
For the choreographer, who is quite wonderful, an 'arm and a leg' for 3 hours.

On the upside, this floor routine will now stay with S through the next several years. She will add more complicated moves with time, but the music and general choreography will stay the same.


One minute and twenty seconds = forty-eight dollars


*for those wondering (aunties in particular) S will be using a classical Hungarian song called, The Mail. Shannon Miller used it in her Olympic performance. It suits S quite well.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Fred Thompson is going to run!
If Politico is correct, this is very encouraging news to the conservative party.

I have been following Mr. Thompson for months, reviewing his voting patterns and listening to him speak via C-Span andABC news radio, as well as other venues. I kept hoping he would throw his hat into the ring and it looks like July 4 will be 'hat-toss' day.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

So, check this out!

Here it is Friday evening and I am sitting in the Panera parking lot, typing on our blog.
Yeh, you read that right.

E and S are over at church for a 'food frenzy' party. Since gas is hovering around the $3.50 mark, I didn't want to drive all the way home, just to turn around and come back for them.
I thought I would sit in Panera, grab a chai and work on my personal journal (Word docs).

Come to find out - Panera offers free Wi-Fi. Very cool. However, one look at the restuarant showed it to be very crowded. I parked super close and formed a plan.....

I ran into the cafe, picked up an iced chai tea and came back out to the van. I got comfy, found my favorite Buble' CD and turned on the laptop. BINGO! The Wi-Fi picked up out in the parking lot.

Man. Technology is so cool.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

So, you know what they say....

You know what "they" say about raising kids -- "Boys are more difficult when they are younger and girls are harder in the teen years."


I have two 5 year old boys, along with a 14 year old girl. There is another girl who will be 13 next month.

Life is interesting.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time, love and tenderness

I took the kids to the park a few days ago. The weather has been so beautiful here lately.
While I sat with my book and MP3 player, I watched the people all around me.
Most of them were mothers with very small children. It occurred to me, perhaps in the loudest way to date, that I am in a new part of my life.

My kids were happy to race around the park, make up their own games, form new friends and check in with me on occasion. Sure, they wanted a push on the tire swing once or twice, and they liked to know that I was close-by, but they didn't need me to hold their hand, tie a shoe or calm a kid spat. I was free to sit by myself and relax, a foreign concept to most of the other mothers in the park that day.

A few of the mothers looked so tired and frustrated. They needed a break.
I wanted to smile and say, "It's hard sometimes, but this won't last forever. Do your best to find the smiles in today.

For whatever reason, I didn't say anything, and you know - I think that is part of the problem in today's society. There is a general lack of encouragement and tenderness. My heart was there cheering them on, but my voice was silent.
Next time, I will find my voice.

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Monday, May 14, 2007


Sarah (almost 13) was baptized on Mother's Day.
What an incredible moment. When asked about her decision to be baptized, she simply said, "I love the Lord. I want everyone to know!"

She is the first of our children to make such a public testimony of faith. It was exceptionally moving. I know the Lord has wonderful things in store for our Sarah. Her gentle spirit is an awesome light for his love.


Praise report!

Praise God Praise God Praise God
We got back about 45 minutes ago!

Caleb's echo came back wonderfully normal! The doctor was actually surprised at how great his numbers looked (God wasn't surprised!) and even double checked a few things. His heart condition has improved so much, that the doctor is considering a slow weaning off of his medication within the next few months.

I am singing and shouting my thanks to the Lord. He has directed our steps, comforted the fears, encouraged healing and brought forth strength. He is mighty.

I would like to send my biggest thanks for your prayers. You have no idea how much it means to our family. We have been covered in prayer by church, family, friends and community. That is the most loving thing you can do for a person. Thank you.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


When I first came back to blogging, I mentioned that one of the boys had some medical issues come to surface. Because I believe in the power of prayer and need the release of putting this in written word, I am ready to share.

Back in February, on Valentine's Day to be exact, our area was covered with snow. In fact, we had so much snow that day, Jeff's office building closed for the day. This turned out to be an incredible blessing.

We spent the morning lounging with hot chocolate and movies. During lunchtime, Caleb came up to me and said, "Mom, feel my heart. It is going so fast." I placed my hand on his chest and immediately called for Jeff. His heart was beating so fast. I can't even describe what it felt like, but I knew something was wrong. Caleb, despite the rapid heart beat, was breathing fine. He didn't seem too bothered by the ordeal.eff put him on the couch and took his pulse. I watched Jeff's face while praying. Jeff stopped counting and said, "We need to take him to the ER."

Admittedly, I lost it right about here. I wanted to go to the ER, but I was in no condition to make the drive, much less comfort Caleb - so I kissed him on the head and watched him drive away with Jeff. The waiting began.

Jeff called me about 45 minutes later. They were able to see Caleb right away and were very pro-active in getting his heart beat back down to a suitable level. At one point, they were going to administer a medication to 're-set' his heart, but it required a crash cart in the room for those 'just in case' times when the medication was too much for the body. Jeff said he prayed for answers and guidance while that option was discussed. The nurse was prepping Caleb for the injection when the doctor walked in and said, "Do not give the shot. I want to try something else."

Remember all of the snow I mentioned earlier? While it was a huge mess for our community, it proved a big blessing for Caleb that day. The doctor used a wash basin on snow to basically shock, and re-set, his heart. While Caleb was sitting up, Jeff held his hands while the doctor came up from behind and pushed Caleb's face into the basin of snow. You know when you jump into a icy cold pool -- your catch your breath real fast? That is what they did to Caleb. It worked like a charm.

Now that they had him stabilized, the set out to run several tests and call the pediatric cardiologist (the only one in town). All of the tests came back normal. The cardiologist's office was closed due to the snowstorm, but the ER doc and cardiologist talked over the phone for a good bit. They came up with the diagnosis of supra ventricular tachycardia, or SVT for short.
Caleb was prescribed a beta blocker and an appt was made for the next day with the cardiologist.

I didn't sleep much that night. My 5 year old son has this heart condition that requires medication to slow down his heart rate. I walked between our room and his room at least 15 times that night, stopping to pray over him each time. As for Caleb, he seemed no worse for the wear and talked about his ER visit with great excitement.

Back up just a bit. While waiting for Jeff and Caleb to return home from the ER, one of the pastors from our church called. He wanted Emily to come by that night for a babysitting job. This was the first time he has asked for Em's help and according to him, it was kind of a last minute thing. In the middle of arranging the babysitting, he asked, "So, how is your day going?"Without skipping a beat, I blurted out everything about Caleb and asked for prayer.
We prayed and within minutes of hanging up, I received a phone call from another church member asking me about Caleb, saying she had just visited the church website and noticed our prayer request. Bless our pastor. He called in the prayer warriors.

Back to the story, we headed to the doctor early the next morning. The office was kind and cheerful. Caleb loved playing with the cool toys and checking out all of the kid art work on the walls. Finally, the doctor arrived. He was quick to say, "Caleb is going to be okay."
He must have seen the visible relief wash over my face because he walked over to me and grasped my hand. That meant so much to me. He explained that the SVT is not rare and is a genetic issue. At a mere number of weeks, when Caleb's heart was forming, this situation. occurred. It can show at any time and we are fortunate that is happened at home, during a quiet moment, rather on the sports field or behind the wheel of a car.

Anyway, he told us that surgery is a viable option. It has a 95% success rate. They can go in through the groin area and using microwave technology, 'zap' the little area on his heart that causes the rapid heart beat. However, at this time, Caleb is doesn't weigh enough for surgery and they think it would be better to keep him on the medication for at least a year; with follow up visits every 4 months for monitoring. He also ordered an echocardiogram for the following week, just to check the structure of the heart and surrounding area.

We had the echo done and were told, "Everything looks essentially normal." When questioned, "What does essentially normal mean." we were told that one of his chambers is on the high end of normal for size. It is not causing the SVT. They would repeat the echo in about 12 months. Until then, come back in May for a follow-up and go about living life.

Through all of this, Caleb was covered in prayer via church, family and friends. A peace had finally washed over me. Caleb is handling the medication with no troubles and has had no further episodes.

Which brings us to yesterday.
The cardiologist called Jeff to verify C's appointment time for next Monday. The scheduler also said, "The doctor wants to do another echo at that time as well, so please come an hour earlier." Jeff said, "Excuse me. This is new information. Does it say why they are doing this procedure?" The scheduler didn't have those answers. Jeff hung up and called me with the news. The peace I had been feeling was pushed away by the enemy of fear.

I called my close friend and told her about the phone call. She was sweet and helped me to calm down with His word. Mandy, if you are reading this, thanks again!

So, here we are today, May 8.
Caleb goes to the doctor next Monday morning. We are asking for prayers. We are praying that God's will for Caleb is brought forth through healing, peace and mercy. We are also praying over the medical caregivers - that they are compassionate and thorough in their work.
There is a chance that we may have to transfer care down to the Children's Hospital (2 hours away) and if that is the case, I pray for His hand to guide the way.

Through this storm, God's love has been present. On a day when Jeff should have been working, he was home. Thank you, Lord. While the snow created mass headache for the general area, is aided in Caleb's relief. Thank you, Lord. A phone call comes in at just the right time and prayers begin to flow. Thank you, Lord. When the doctor takes a minute to make eye contact and comfort with touch, I say, Thank you Lord. When the safety net of family, friends and church are there to catch you, I say, Thank you Lord.

I will update after the doctor visit next week. In the meantime, say a prayer.
Thank you.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

National Day of Prayer - May 3, 2007

Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.