Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time, love and tenderness

I took the kids to the park a few days ago. The weather has been so beautiful here lately.
While I sat with my book and MP3 player, I watched the people all around me.
Most of them were mothers with very small children. It occurred to me, perhaps in the loudest way to date, that I am in a new part of my life.

My kids were happy to race around the park, make up their own games, form new friends and check in with me on occasion. Sure, they wanted a push on the tire swing once or twice, and they liked to know that I was close-by, but they didn't need me to hold their hand, tie a shoe or calm a kid spat. I was free to sit by myself and relax, a foreign concept to most of the other mothers in the park that day.

A few of the mothers looked so tired and frustrated. They needed a break.
I wanted to smile and say, "It's hard sometimes, but this won't last forever. Do your best to find the smiles in today.

For whatever reason, I didn't say anything, and you know - I think that is part of the problem in today's society. There is a general lack of encouragement and tenderness. My heart was there cheering them on, but my voice was silent.
Next time, I will find my voice.

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