Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another school year begins and CONGRATS to Jeff

:: tap tap tap :: Is this thing on?  I've been a very bad blogger
this summer. I always plan to sit down and post, but the time
keeps slipping by. We started back to our lessons last Wednesday.
For the first time, I have all six kids doing school work. The
boys joined the ranks this year, with their own lesson plans
and books. For family and curious friends, this is what we are
tackling this year.

Emily, 9th grade (gasp!)

*Writing Strands at home
*Writing course (10 weeks ) through a co-op,
instituting the Writing for Excellence program
*Literature - Abeka and personal reading list
*Vocab/Poetry - Abeka
*Bible - Picture This and apologetics books
(a few Hannagraff items)
*Math - Teaching Textbooks Algebra
(new program for is wonderful!!!)
*Science - Apologia Biology, home and co-op
*History - 1st semester, Around the World in 180 Days
(condensed) - 2nd semester, US Government
(concentrating on important US documents and the people who
wrote them)
*PE - volleyball 3x a week, dance 2x a week
*Spanish - we are trying to get an extended class set up for
co-op for next spring. Also, our next door neighbor is from
El Salvador and she is more than willing to sit with the
older girls a few times week and teach them conversational
Spanish (very cool!)

I have to start keeping transcripts this year (for college,
not the state). Thank goodness for computer programs and trusted
mentors that have 'been there, done that.'

Sarah, 7th grade

*Grammar - Abeka
*Vocab/Poetry - Abeka
*Writing - Abeka
*Lit - Abeka and personal reading list
*Bible - Picture This and Bible
*Math - Teaching Textbooks 7
*Science - Apologia General Science, home and co-op
*History/Geo - Around the World in 180 Days
*Spanish - see above
*PE - dance 2x a week, gymnastics 4 x a week

Paige, 5th grade

*Language - Abeka
*Reading - Abeka and personal reading list
*Vocab/Poetry - Abeka
*Writing - Abeka
*Bible - Picture This and Bible
*Math - Saxon 65
*Science - Apologia Astronomy
*History/Geo - Around the World in 180 Days
*PE - dance 2x week, gym 1x week
*Art/Music - co-op

Grace, 3rd grade

*Language - Abeka
*Penmanship - Abeka
*Reading - Abeka and personal reading list
*Vocab/Poetry - Abeka
*Math - Horizons 3
*Science - Apologia Astronomy
*History/Geo - Around the World in 180 Days
*Bible - Picture This and Bible
*PE - dance 2x a week, gym 1x week
*Art/Music - co-op

Caleb and Jacob, K

*Reading/Phonics - Abeka and phonics program
*Penmanship - Abeka, non-cursive
*Math - Horizons K
*Science - Apologia Astronomy
*Geography - continents/oceans
(very simplified Around the World in 180 Days)
*Bible - Bible stories, memorize books of the Bible,
copy work of some scripture
*PE - swim classes 1x a week, gym 1x a week
*Art/Music - co-op

On the topic of school and learning....
On August 11, Jeff walked across the stage of an awesome college
and received his MBA. The kids and I watched with smiles and love.
We are so proud of him. When he received his first Masters
(Clinical Science), Gracie was a mere 11 months old. Now, here is his,
10 years later, getting his MBA. Way to go, babe!



Blogger Mimi said...

Congratulations to Jeff! Whohooooo~

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Blogger Lena said...

Congratulations Jeff! What an accomplishment! :) Great to see you blogging again Kim!

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