Friday, August 24, 2007

A few pics

Here we all are at Jeff's graduation. It is in black and white because the person who took the picture put their thumb in the viewing area and I had to dust it out. The result looks a tad better in BW.

Speaking of school - this was taken on our first day. Fabulous!

This is the sign I found after coming downstairs from my shower.
I know!! :: thud ::


Blogger Mimi said...

GREAT photo! I love it!

And, giggling - that's a good use of math skills, eh?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Lena said...

What wonderful pictures! :) I loved the countdown - wasn't it around this time last year on your blog you were counting down too...? ;) (And I do confess I mentally counted down for myself the other day...)

9:34 AM  

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