Monday, October 29, 2007

Last game of the season

E played her last game of the season, sans one tournie coming up in November. She did well on JV and hopes to make Varsity next year - where she can start working toward her letterman jacket. I love vball season, but I have to admit, the chauffeur side of me is happy to have my Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays back.

Varsity played 14 games this season, only losing 1. They head off to Omaha the end of this week for the National Homeschool Tournament. There will be 50+ teams in attendance from all over the US. Last year, our varsity took 1st place in their bracket. The team will lose 4 girls this year -- they graduate in the spring! We celebrated their contribution at the last home game with flowers and special banners. They will be missed.

JV played 14 games, losing 2. With the exception of Em and 1 other girl, this was a brand new team this year. I think they did exceptionally well.

The junior high team, which was all brand new girls, most with no prior experience, played 12 games this season. They won 6 of their games. Again, excellent work!


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