Monday, October 15, 2007

Menu Monday, 10/15-10/21

Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: chicken drumsticks, veggie sticks
Dinner: peking pork chops*, brown rice, broccoli
Treat: chocolate pudding

Peking Pork Chops
From: Kim

8 pork chops
¼ c brown sugar
1 t ground ginger
¾ c lite soy sauce
½ c ketchup
2 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste

Trim fat from pork and place in crockpot. Mix remaining ingredients in small bowl and pour over meat. Cover, turn to low and cook 4-6 hours. If needed, season with salt and pepper. Serve with steamed Jasmine or brown rice.

Notes: great with chicken wings in place of chops

Breakfast: yogurt, fruit, toast
Lunch: quesadillas, carrot/cucumber sticks
Dinner: spaghetti w/ meat sauce, salad
Treat: frozen fruit salad*

No set recipe for spaghetti sauce. I use fresh and canned tomatoes, garlic, onion, spices and lots of simmer time.

Frozen Fruit Salad
From: Taste of Home

Serves 12-14

1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 can (21 oz) cherry pie filling, low sugar
1 can (15 oz) mandarin oranges, drained
1 can (20 oz) crushed pineapple (not in syrup), drained
2/3 c chopped pecans
1 carton (8 oz) frozen lower fat whipped topping, thawed

In a large bowl, combine milk and pie filling. Add orange, pineapple, and nuts. Gently fold in whipped topping. Spread in a 13x9 pan. Cover and freeze. Remove from the freezer 15 minutes before serving. Cut into squares.

Breakfast: poached eggs, toast
Lunch: leftover spaghetti
Dinner: beans and ham*, cornbread*
Treat: popsicles

Beans and Ham
Adapted from Midwest Living

1 pound dry pinto beans
8 cups water
4 cups water
1 meaty smoked pork hock (1-1/2 to 2 lbs)
1 large onion, chopped (1 cup)
1 bay leaf
¼ - ½ t ground black pepper

Rinse and dry the beans. Place beans in a Dutch oven. Add 8 cups of water. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, 2 minutes. Remove from h eat. Cover and let stand 1 hour. Drain and rinse beans. (you can also place the dry beans in 8 cups of water overnight)

In the same Dutch oven, stir together drained beans, 4 cups fresh water, the pork hock, onion, bay leaf and pepper. Bring to a boiling; reduce heat. Simmer, covered, for 1-1/2 hours or until the beans are tender and beginning to split. Remove from heat.

Remove pork hock; cool slightly. Trim off meat; chop. Return the meat to the beans. Remove bay leaf. Heat through. If necessary, add a bit of salt (but taste first…ham is very salty on its own).

Note: Check beans occasionally during cooking process. Add more water if necessary. Or boil gently, uncovered, for a few minutes at end of cooking time there is too much liquid. Beans should be moist – not runny.

From: Kim

¾ cup yellow cornmeal
1 cup flour
¼ c sugar
3 t baking powder
½ t salt
1 c milk
1 egg, well beaten
2 T melted butter

Place cast iron skillet in an oven, heating to 425.
Mix cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in large bowl. Add milk, egg and butter and blend well. Spoon into hot skillet and bake for approx. 20 minutes.

Breakfast: cereal, fruit
Lunch: PB&J, pretzels, grapes
Dinner: roast*, red potatoes, green beans
Treat: chewy pecan cookies*

Place roast in crock pot with roughly chopped potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions. Season with garlic, salt and pepper. Pour 1 can of beef broth over food. Cook on high for 6 hours.

Chewy Pecan Cookies
From: Kim

Makes 5-6 dozen

1 c butter, softened (no subs)
1 c sugar
¾ c brown sugar
3 eggs
1-1/2 t vanilla
2-1/4 c flour
1 T ground cinnamon
1 t baking soda
1 t salt
¾ t pumpkin pie spice
2 c quick cooking oats (not instant)
1-1/2 c raisins (Craisins works well too)
1-1/2 c chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 350
In a large mixing bowl, beat butter, sugars, eggs, milk and vanilla. Combine dry ingredients; add to the creamed mixture and mix well. Stir in oats, raisins and nuts; mix well. Drop by TBS onto greased baking sheets. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until light golden brown. Remove from baking sheets to cool on write racks.

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: turkey sandwiches, apple slices
Dinner: enchilada casserole*, salad
Treat: ice cream

Enchilada Casserole
From: Kim

2 pounds of ground meat (I use turkey most of the time)
1 medium onion
1 small can of diced green chiles
chili powder
1 can of red or black beans, drained
1 can of low sodium corn, drained
1 small can of sliced black olives, drained
1 28 oz can of enchilada sauce (red or green, your choice)
approx. 18 corn tortillas
shredded Monterey or cheddar cheese (amount you prefer)
chopped fresh cilantro
sour cream

In skillet, brown meat with onion and green chiles. When meat is cooked, add desired amount of seasoning. Cook for 5 minutes. Add beans, corn and olives -- cook for additional 5 minutes.

In a casserole, place 5-6 tortillas on the bottom of the dish. Put ½ of the meat mixture over the tortillas. Pour ½ c enchilada sauce over meat. Put 5-6 tortillas over sauce and add remaining meat mixture. Over the meat, put ½ c enchilada sauce and ½ of your cheese. Top with remaining tortillas, sauce and cheese. Bake in 350 oven for 30-35 minutes. Take out of oven and let sit for about 8 minutes. Cut and serve with sour cream and cilantro.

Breakfast: waffles, turkey sausage
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: spinach lasagna roll-ups*, breadsticks, sliced tomatoes
Treat: cookies

Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups
From: Stephanie

8 lasagna noodles, uncooked
1 package (10 oz) frozen chopped spinach, thawed
1/3 c finely chopped onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 T oil
1 c ricotta cheese
1/3 c grated Parm cheese
1 egg
½ t salt
½ t pepper
2 cups marinara sauce
1 c shredded Mozz cheese
2 T grated Parm cheese

Cook noodles according to package until just tender (do not overcook); drain and set aside. Squeeze spinach dry; chop fine and set aside.
In a small skillet over medium heat, sauté onion and garlic in oil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat.
In a bowl, mix spinach, onion and garlic, ricotta cheese, Parm cheese, egg, salt and pepper. Spread mixture evenly on noodles; roll up.
Pour all but ¾ c of the marina sauce in bottom of an ungreased 3 qt baking dish. Place rolled noodles, seam side down, in sauce. Pour reserved sauce over. Sprinkle rolls with mozz cheese and parm cheese. Cover with foil. If making ahead, place in fridge up to 24 hours.
Bake, covered, in a preheated 375 oven for 45 minutes.

Notes: double
Great potluck dish
Freezes well

Breakfast: cereal, fruit
Lunch: baked parmesan chicken strips*, veggie sticks
Dinner: no bake mac and cheese*, garlic broccoli*
Treat: nothing planned

Oven Fried Parmesan Chicken Strips
From: Kim

Serves 8-10

4 TBS butter
2/3 c flour
½ t salt
½ t garlic powder
½ t chili powder
2/3 c grated Parmesan cheese
2 t Old Bay seasoning
¼ t pepper
4 lbs. chicken breast tenders

Melt butter in a 15x10 jelly roll pan in a 425 oven. (large cookie sheet with sides)
Place flour and next 6 ingredients in a large bag; shake well to combine. Add chicken, several pieces at a time, shaking well to coat. Arrange chicken in melted butter in hot baking dish.
Bake at 425 or 25 minutes or until chicken is done, turning once. Serve immediately.

*To freeze, place uncooked, coated chicken on a baking sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, place strips in freezer bag and keep for up to a month. Bake frozen strips on hot buttered pain at 425 for 35 minutes, turning after 25 minutes.

No Bake Mac-n-Cheese
From: Kim

½ lb elbow macaroni
4 TBS butter
1 egg
6 oz evaporated milk
½ tsp hot sauce
1 tsp salt
fresh black pepper
¾ tsp dry mustard
½ block of cream cheese (at room temp – cut into small chunks)
12 oz sharp cheddar, shredded

In a large pot of boiling, salted water cook the pasta to al dente and drain. Return to the pot and melt butter. Toss to coat. Set aside.

In saucepan, whisk together the egg, milk, hot sauce, salt, pepper, and mustard. Stir into the pasta and add both cheeses. Over low heat continue to stir for 2-4 minutes or until creamy.

Serves 6
Notes: double

Broccoli with Garlic
From: Kim

4 tsp olive oil
2 lb broccoli, chipped and steamed until tender-crisp
5 garlic cloves, minced
½ tsp dried oregano leaves, crumbled
½ c julienned roasted red bell pepper

In large skillet, heat the oil. Sauté the broccoli, garlic, and oregano until the garlic is golden, about 3 minutes; do NOT burn. Stir in the roasted pepper; cook, stirring often, until heated through, about 3 minutes.

Notes: for extra taste, stir in ½ cup shredded Monterey jack cheese with the bell pepper

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