Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ramblings from a tired woman

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with blessings, family and a full tummy.

We had a good day with the exception of a small bout of food poisoning for Yours Truly.
It happened Wednesday during lunch. I was out for the rest of the day and found myself queasy much of Thursday morning. Thankfully, by early afternoon, I was feeling much better.

We normally go to the movies after Thanksgiving dinner but nothing caught our eye this year. Instead, we had a Santa Clause movie marathon. We watched 1&2 before dinner and snuggled after dinner for SC3, which was loved by all.

Friday morning had Jeff and I out at 4:45 in the morning. We had it all mapped out and were back home, sipping coffee before the first child was out of bed. With the exception of a few things, we are done with our Christmas shopping. Let the wrapping begin - which is my favorite thing to do.

On Friday, all of the girls and I headed to a cookie baking extravaganza. We arrived at 8:45 and left (exhausted) at 5:30. There were 7 women and 7 girls. By the time we were done, we baked 3,558 cookies. We packed numerous tins, bags and plates. A lot of the cookies will end up with our outreach ministry at church. There are a group of men who minister to the county jail through the year and during December, they take cookies with them to each visit.

It was great fun. We laughed, talked, sang and shared stories with the younger girls. Three of the women were grandmothers and added so much to the day. They adored the girls and really made them feel special. All that said, I am thoroughly 'cookied' out. I hope to recover by the first of December when I host a small cookie party in our home.

This morning I was up and out of the door by 6:30. I headed to Borders where I was thrilled to purchase Glenn Beck's new book and receive his autograph. I've never done something like this before - I'm not one to get starstruck, but I am happy I made the trip out this morning. The store was packed beyond belief, but it was a happy gathering. I took several pictures but Photobucket is throwing a hissy fit and won't load anything.

Jeff is out in Ohio today. He has been there all day and should be home around 11 tonight.
The kids and I went out to the hospital this afternoon to have lunch with him. After lunch, we hit a couple of stores for wrapping paper, tape and a new tabletop tree for the boys room.
I had hoped to start with Christmas decorating today but the hours slipped away. I did get all of the fall decorations put away, so at least I can start with a clean slate tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I think we are going to take a true day of rest and stay home from church. With Jeff working a 14 hour stint out in Ohio today and recuperating from controlled chaos, I think the family will benefit from some quiet downtime. Perhaps, if things go well, we can start getting the house ready for Christmas - beginning with our Jesus tree.

Our Jesus tree sits on the buffet in the dining room. It is decorated with Proclamation ornaments, a special gift from my very best friend (waving to Gina). I also need to get things ready for Advent. If I did things properly last year (ha!) - the candle wreath, candles and books should all be in the top box of the Christmas decorations.......

The mention of friendships reminds me of my super sweet friend, Mandy. She has the most darling family and we have become close through the years. I recently found out that her family will be moving down to the Nashville, TN area after the holidays. I am thrilled for the opportunity to continue their ministry work (her hubby is a youth/family pastor) but the selfish side of me is terribly sad to see them leave the area. Mandy, if you are reading, the boys would like for Presley to sing an arranged marriage agreement with one of them before the move. What do ya think? :: smile ::

Well, I've certainly rambled enough to confuse myself even further so I will sign off for the night.
I think my big ol' tub is calling my name, along with a good book.

Be blessed.


Blogger KKT said...

sounds like you a had time on friday... i had to work. blah!!

getting autographs is FUN!! glad you were able to get yours!

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