Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday catch-up

These are two of my very favorite Christmas CDs. I know what you are thinking, "Kim! Kenny Rogers, really?"

Yes, really. It is an album full of songs, devoted to our very best gift, Jesus. Also, in my opinion, this CD has the best rendition of Mary, Did You Know? (one of my top 3 favorite songs of all time).

Today is filled with house cleaning, kid care (more on that to follow) and baking. We will have Christmas music playing in the background. Jeff is out in Ohio today, helping a sister hospital with their lab practices. He will be home later this evening.

Yesterday we had to take our Jake to the doctor. He has been battling a cold for a few days and unfortunately, it all moved into his chest. I knew he needed a breathing treatment, but because it had been so long since this came up, we didn't have any medicine on hand. He was also running a fever, so off to the doctor.

She gave him a breathing treatment in the office and sent us home with 2 prescriptions and told Jake, "Listen buddy. I need for you to take it easy this weekend. No running around and bouncing off the walls, you hear me?"
I giggled and the doc looked over and said, "Yeh, I know. I just like to hear myself talk." She gave Jake a high five and told him, "You should feel better tomorrow but you finish all your medicine, okay? If you don't feel better by church day, have mom give me a call."

I really like our doctor. We've been seeing her for 5 years. She is a DO and sees the whole family, sans Jeff, who sees her partner, a male physician. She is just so 'real' and takes time with each appointment. She is a mom herself and relates beautifully with the kids.

Granted, we try to stay far away from the doctor office, but when it is necessary, I'm happy to have her on our side.

Speaking of doctor visits, I don't think I shared about Caleb's last cardio appointment? His visit went very well. All looks and sounds great. He had his medicine tapered down a tiny bit. If all goes well, they will slowly wean him off all medicine in 6 months. From there, it is a wait and see game. He may never have another SVT episode, but if he does, they will reassess the situation and consider surgery. For now, we are thankful for his strength and health. God is good.

With that, I will sign out for the day. Blessings to you.


Blogger Tena said...

Mary Did you Know is my all time favorite as well!! Reba sings it great as well too, well in my opinion! Give Jake big hugs from us, and glad Caleb's last apt went well

{{{{{{{{{{{{ BIG HUGS }}}}}}}}}}}

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