Monday, December 10, 2007

A quiet afternoon.

It's a relatively quiet afternoon. We finished lessons early and the kids ran upstairs to read and plan a surprise for Jeff and I. Due to the loud whispering and giggling, it won't be much of a surprise (but I will put on my game face). They are going to re-enact the birth of Jesus for Jeff & I after our Advent reading this evening. Can you stand it!?

There are bed sheets, baby dolls, pillows, boxes and hay (we had a bit left over from fall decorations) all over the place. Bailey, the old and deaf cocker spaniel, is playing a black lamb, begrudgingly. He keeps escaping from the room and running to my side. Baxter, the goofy hound, is playing a cow from what I can tell. I guess his round belly made him a shoe-in for the part? Indy, the hyper kitten, will be playing himself, cause cats are too cool to do anything else, you know? He has been reprimanded a few times for falling asleep on the job though.

The kids are talking over one another. I can't tell who is who but Emily is definitely the director, much to the annoyance of her little sister, Grace. I can't wait to see the show later this evening. It will be one for the memory books, I'm sure!

In other news, I keep hearing the 'crack plop' of icicles falling off of the house. We have been hit with quite a bit of ice. More is expected this evening. I would rather drive through a blizzard than deal with ice. It's not fun.

The kids have tumbled down the stairs in search of hot chocolate. That sounds good. I think I will join them.


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This made me smile. :) I bet it was wonderful!

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