Friday, January 04, 2008

The day I had a brilliant, albeit simple, idea!

So, in an attempt to de-Christmas my house, I ended up making a chaotic mess all over the first floor. I mean, my house is used to chaos, but when you throw in 4 trees and upteen boxes, along 6 children and various pets, it was pure mayhem.

I emerged victoriously from the living room and made my way into the kitchen and dining room. I failed to instill the fear of my wrath on the children before leaving the area, because less an hour later, the once spotless living room was a mess. It wasn't terrible; mostly books, pillows, water bottles and throw blankets.
Still, I felt the frustration bubble down deep. I took a swipe at the innocent...
pillows. They look so nice and inviting in a room, but they never stay put around here. I find myself saying....

"Dude. Put the pillows on the couch, not on the dog."
"Please don't step on the pillows."
"Please do not jump on the pillows."
"Don't throw the pillows."
"Did you just spill ___ on that pillow?"
"Did you hear me the first time (insert above comment)?"
"How can you vacuum if there are 6 pillows on the floor?"
"Don't let that stinky beast (boy or dog) lay on the pillows!"

...several times a day. I annoy myself with the redundancy.

(Dim) Lightbulb moment! I grabbed a large trash bag and plunked all but one of the pillows into the bag and threw it in the garage. I feel free! Hey, I told you it was a simple idea.

On the upside, The Hub and I are going out on a date tonight. He received an excellent review at work today so we are going to celebrate. Plus, school lessons start back on Monday, so I need to make sure the 'Kim-tank' is filled to the top before it gets zapped repeatedly.

And because this is my blog filled with my thoughts -- Iowa, what were you thinking?! Huckabee? A lot of his policies do not match up with conservatism (taxes, immigration, education, etc.) We can do better!


Blogger Jody said...

Hope you got your tank filled!

We managed some decluttering around here as well. It sure feels good to not have to compete with all the "stuff".

We started school today as well, and I am loving having Quinn home. This week will be just figuring out how we will go about everything, but so far so good!

11:24 AM  

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