Sunday, January 13, 2008

One way or another, more time will be spent at home!

With the exception of a quick run to the market, I have been home since Thursday. This is a rarity. Unfortunately, we are home from church today as well.


Cause the darn van decided to cause problems. It was towed Thursday afternoon and (hopefully) will be available for pick-up tomorrow afternoon. Without a van, our family is pretty much stranded at home, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I mean, we do have Jeff's car, but it can't seat all of us. Plus, he was on a business trip all last week (with his car) so things were quite comical on Friday. Thank goodness for helpful neighbors and friends (running to the store and car-pooling for kid activities).



Blogger Jody said...

My van broke down last August, and it really brought life to a halt. I was so glad to get it back from the dealership all fresh and fixed.

Here's to a quick recovery for your van..

1:52 PM  

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