Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The post in which I do not make any resolutions....

I no longer make resolutions because I don't stick to them. It's just that simple.
I would like to think that it is my 'rebellious, carefree' attitude, but honestly it is just a, 'my brain can't handle too much structure, therefore, I am letting myself off the hook' attitude.

However, in an attempt to pacify my need for lists and the written (typed) word.....

Five things I would like to accomplish in 2008

1. Get rid of 10 things in the house each month. Why 10? I don't know. I don't question my brain on matters of organization. It is better that way. Just ask, Jeff.

2. Clean out my walk-in craft closet. If I don't do it soon, small children and/or pets
could go missing.

3. Get all library books back in time. The city won't like this accomplishment since I'm pretty sure our family funded a floor in the new main library.

4. Cut back on caffeine. You know that scientist in Meet the Robinsons? The one with the patch? She is my soul sister.

5. Read my lists after I write them. Better yet, find my lists after I write them.

For those sitting there saying, "Gee, Kim, for someone that doesn't believe in resolutions, that list sure shares a striking resemblance" to which I reply, "Don't fuss with me over semantics."

Cheers and blessings for the New Year!


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