Thursday, January 10, 2008

A post where I shall share my, um, nose troubles...

I wanted to put a rather descriptive word in the title but I figured I should maintain some sort of dignity, given the subject matter.

I never had allergy problems until moving to to the Midwest several years ago.
I was buying stock in Claritin and Kleenex and praying for relief with each passing month.

A fried suggested a Neti-pot for my situation. She went on to describe this item in great detail and how it all worked. When I regained my composure (I laughed like a madwoman) and did a bit of research, I headed to Walgreens.

I scouted the store and located them on the bottom shelf, under the array of allergy medications. I plopped the box into my cart and headed to the check-out lane. There, I had the fortune of meeting Millie, a kind elderly woman who took great interest in my purchase.
"Hey, is this one of those things I saw on Oprah a while ago? Yes, I think it is. You know what you have to do with this right? I don't know if I could do that. Is this for you? Have you used one before? Do you think it will work because if it works, wouldn't that be something? I should tell my daughter in law about this. She gets horrible sinus infections." Before Millie could regal me with sinus infection symptoms and stories, I handed her my money, thanked her for her help and quickly made my exit.

I got home and faced even more questions and snickers from the children. The teen age girls were especially grossed out at the product sitting in the bathroom. Oh, and the boys -- oh, the boys! They thought it was the coolest thing ever and I wouldn't be surprised to find my neti-pot missing one of these days. I should do a preemptive strike and let them know now that, "NO, dogs and/or cats do not like, nor need, this nose flushing."

So anyway, I tried the neti-pot last Sunday. It was easy to use. There was no discomfort. I few blows of the nose after and I honestly felt like a new woman. It was amazing. I didn't need a Claritin that day, nor did I use 50billion Kleenex.
The next morning, I woke up with no congestion or stuffiness. That is a true rarity.
I ventured about my day with no problems. I was happy!!

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling a bit stuffy. I pulled out the trusted pot (well, that doesn't sound right at all) and viola, success again! It is now Thursday and I am breathing deep with no sniffles or sneezes.

My neti-pot has replaced the Claritin box in my cabinet. YAY! I should go tell, Millie.


Blogger msdramateacherlady said...

I will just have to trust you on this one. I'm with the girls...eeewwww!

(but I am glad to hear it is working for you)

2:03 PM  

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