Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A boy child, my cell phone, and our pastor

So, I misplaced my cell phone early this morning. One minute it was on my desk, the next minute, gone.
I didn't worry too much. It always turns up when someone calls and I hear it ring.
I didn't give it much more thought, until.....

Jeff called about 15 minutes ago. He said, "Kim! Is everything OK?!" He sounded worried and upset. I said, "Yes. Absolutely. Why?"

Apparently, one of my boys had my phone. He made 6 calls to the first person on my call list. The first person on my call list is one of the pastors at church. Said child didn't say much to Pastor except to answer, "Yes. This is Caleb" before hanging up. Caleb is a new 6 year old and doesn't read well, as you can tell. He does know how to operate the phone though, right down to turning off the ringer. He needs to work on phone etiquette it seems.

When pastor A tried to call back, the phone didn't ring, which means I couldn't hear it. It was a nasty cycle that went back and forth for about 10 minutes.

In pure amusement (and a bit of worry) the pastor called my husband's cell phone. He wanted to make sure everything was OK, which I truly appreciate.

By this time, I see my phone sitting on the bathroom counter and think, "Gee Kim, nice place to leave your phone" -- pick it up and put it in the kitchen. Dh calls and I see it light up. I think, "Hmm, when did I turn the ringer off?" which brings you to the beginning the story.

My boy child will be apologizing to the pastor (who has 3 small children) tomorrow afternoon and has strict orders to NOT touch my phone unless it is an emergency. Pastor did tell Jeff that if Caleb needed pastoral care he is free to call at anytime.

You know, this reminds me of when my other boy child was 2 and called my brother in law in Oregon the same way. My brother in law is a sheriff. Imagine that return call?


Blogger Gina said...

hee hee! Sounds like Caleb enjoys gadgets like most other men. (smirk)

Good thing your pastor was first on the list. Can you imagine if it was someone easily alarmed?

10:35 AM  

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