Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What If...

Last night, during a fit of insomnia, I grabbed my laptop and went to Netflix, where I ran through the list of "Watch Now" movies.

My cursor stopped at Born Into Brothels. Admittedly, the title gave me pause, but after reading the reviews, I hit the play button. I am both happy and sad that I did.

Despite the title of the movie, there was no blatant sexuality. It mostly centered around the children left to deal with consequences brought on by adult/societal choices. Warning, some of the language is harsh.

After the movie was over, I found myself in prayer. I thanked Father for being so abundantly blessed on this earth. It was an over-due prayer. This movie showed me true poverty and distress. While settling down to fall asleep, I heard the Lord say to me, "Kim, what if everyone felt that type of gratitude in your home? In your community? What if My work was done in the big and little details of life? What if, Kim?"

Well, so much for getting to sleep now, Lord. I laughed and grabbed my pen and paper (which I keep on my nightstand).

What if...
~every believer acted like Jesus for 24 hours?
~every child fell asleep to the prayers of their earthly father?
~we smiled at every person we ran into today?
~everyone picked up 2 cans of extra food at the store this week and dropped them off at the local food bank?
~every child had a Bible story read to them everyday for a week?
~people turned off the TV and read His word for 24 hours? A week?
~we all followed the Ten Commandments?
~we all followed the greatest commandment? Love one another.

I finally drifted off to sleep, cuddled under my warm blankets, close to a man I love, with my babies safe in their rooms, and I wondered, What If....


Blogger Jody said...

Aww. What if indeed.

A very excellent reminder. Thank you!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Lena said...

Kim - your ability to articulate some very complex feelings is awesome. I've been having some similar thoughts lately and it has driven me to make some changes in our home and in my personal life. Thank you for writing this "what if".

1:37 PM  

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