Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fifteen

1. Springtime in Indiana is a glorious gift. We hit 78 degrees today. The sky was clear. The trees are blooming. Everyone seemed to be in a better mood.
2. We did history and literature out on the deck this afternoon. Perfection.
3. An earthquake woke us up this morning. I thought the dog was under the bed, scratching himself or something, until I realized, no - that is an earthquake. Memories of California living!
4. Fifteen things seemed like a good idea at the time.....
5. I am thoroughly enjoying my Bible study, Believing God. This weeks homework is a tad uncomfortable (deals with childhood stuff) but it is very rewarding.
6. I think we are on the brink of losing our beloved, Bailey. He is almost 14 years old and time is not being kind to him lately. He goes in for a check up next week.
7. Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace (Chains are Gone) is positively wonderful. I love when we sing this in church.
8. We are having fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert tomorrow. I found the greatest California strawberries at Meijer this morning!
9. The girls are dancing in a purity fashion show the first part of May. This is a big honor for their studio.
10. I went to the mall on Monday with Emily. We had our eyebrows threaded. The results are far superior to waxing - cheaper, too!
11. Gas is $3.47 a gallon right now. That stings.
12. When we become a nation that no longer reveres human life, you end up with college students that call very unfortunate situations, 'art.' That is tragic.
13. What was the Olympic Committee thinking when they gave China the honor of hosting world athletes?
14. I found the cutest pair of silver sparkly flip-flops at Kohls last weekend. I love flip flops.
15. Tomorrow is Saturday. The kids sleep in now. I thought this day would never arrive.

Have a blessed day.


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