Monday, June 16, 2008

The makings of a good father

I pray all of the families out there in blog-land had a peaceful Father's Day with their loved ones.
We spent the morning at church, where our pastor hit it out of the ball park with his Father's Day message, and the rest of the afternoon relaxing, playing and smiling. Perfect.

Part of the reason I keep this blog is for posterity. I have failed miserably at keeping a written journal so it is my hope that this blog will act as a memoir of sorts. What was I thinking? How did I react? What made me smile? What made me cry? How did my walk with the Lord change my heart and mind?

While watching Jeff yesterday, my heart swelled with love and joy. He has such caring spirit. He finds comfort in the smile of others. He is happiest when he is surrounded by those he can care for, showing love and tenderness. When the saying, "He wears his heart on his sleeve" was penned, they had Jeff in mind.

Yesterday, as part of the Father's Day service, our pastor asked Jeff to read a fun and colorful story to the church children. The pages were scanned to the big screen and a microphone was placed in Jeff's hand, with all of the beautiful children of our church family sitting at his feet. It was at that moment my heart nearly burst. I kept saying, "Thank you thank you thank you" to the Lord above. I am kicking myself for not bringing the camera to service yesterday. It was a small thing (reading from a children's book) but the beauty of it all was not lost. (edit - God Bless a church brother for snapping this picture)

One day, my children will come back to this entry and I want them to recall their father's deep laugh, sweet dimples, and sincere efforts to bring joy to his family and those around him. If I were to ask 10 people what makes a great dad, I'm sure to receive 200 different answers. These are my 3 answers. Just 3.

1. A good dad prays. Often.
2. A good dad keeps trying. He does not give up. He does not walk away. When he makes a mistake, he makes amends and gets back on the right path. While on the path, he is careful to stay in step with the Lord.
3. A good dad loves his wife with wild abandonment. I pray that my sons watch with a careful eye to see how Jeff treats me with tenderness, respect, and unconditional love. For if they do, they will know the wonders of a happy marriage. For my daughters, I pray that they find a man who matches their dad in character, devotion, and patience. By doing so, they will know the joy of being in a cherished marriage.

Have a blessed day.


Blogger Lena said...

And once again, you move me to tears. :)

2:51 PM  
Blogger Tena said...

sounds like a perfect father's day!!!

3:51 PM  

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