Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids - elections - revelation

We were talking today about the upcoming election.
Emily& Sarah (15, 14) are showing quite a bit of interest in the candidates and process. I turned to Emily and said, "You know, I like that you are paying close attention. Just think - in 2012 you get to vote for the first time. It is a big responsibility and quite exciting." She smiled and said, "Let's hope I have better choices in 2012." Ha. She is so my daughter!

Sarah blinked real quick and sat straight up before saying, "Hey. You know what?! I get to vote in the next election, too! Wow. I never thought about until today."
I snapped my head and did a quick count -- she was right!

It is all so very bittersweet. It also planted a deeper resolve in my heart to pray for our country, leaders, and community.


Blogger Tena said...

wonder if I would get their vote if I ran the next go around..... ha ha ha!
Scary thought huh??
Can't wait to rock my vote!!

9:58 PM  

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